How to lower blood pressure & diabetes cure with red light therapy near me


Cardiac cerebral vascular diseases was called the first killer against human health and once CHD (coronary heart disease), cerebral apoplexy or stroke break out, the only consequence is either die or disabled. This badly affects the quality of life of middle-aged and elderly people and threatens life all the time. This is the answer for how to lower blood pressure.

For hundreds of years, seeking for a safe and high efficiency solution against cardiac – cerebral vascular diseases became the major business in medicine. A new window has open since the application of low level laser therapy in medicine for how to lower blood pressure treating cardiac cerebral diseases in recent 30 years.

Semi-conductor low level laser therapy apparatus was adopted under the name of “light of light” being a red laser with the wave length of 650 nm. The human body can be penetrated without any damage via the irradiation of 650 nm laser. Its energy can be absorbed by blood when irradiating the three golden positions of radial Artery, Neiguan Acupoint and nasal cavity. Thus enhances the oxygen carrying capacity of erythrocytes, promote blood vessels circulation, balance the blood pressure, blood fat, blood viscosity and blood sugar, vascular repairing being available.

Red light therapy wrist watch internationally recognized as pure green physiotherapy, no trauma, no side effect and non-invasive, avoid the untoward effect of infection and bleeding. Also avoid the side effects of durable dependency of taking drugs by irradiating Radial Artery, Neiguian Acupoint and Nasal Cavity. Hence it is wonderfully suit for mid-aged and elderly as daily healthcare and therapy for how to lower blood pressure and how to cure diabetes.

Our product is certified, clinical tested, and the principle of how to lower blood pressure through intranasal light therapy studied in laboratories.

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How to lower blood pressure with red light therapy near me


You can find the answer for how to lower blood pressure with cold laser therapy near me on Genei’S Mart page, namely with the help of level laser therapy lllt. For where to buy cold laser or red light therapy near me, the answer is right from here. Health benefits of the best home light therapy devices:red light therapy near me

  • high blood pressure
  • hyperviscosity
  • hyperglycemia
  • hyperlipidemia
  • hypertension
  • circulatory system anti aging
  • diabetes
  • cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
  • rhinitis
  • allergic rhinitis
  • acute rhinitis
  • chronic rhinitis
  • sinusitis and nasal polyps



These are portable wristwatches used as anti aging, prevention and cure of cardiovascular diseases as the best high blood pressure treatment at home. Without a need for physical therapists this red light therapy near me accounts for how to lower blood pressure efficiently with best home light therapy devices.


red light therapy near mewhere to buy cold laser



Red light therapy devices health benefits


  1. If you question yourself about if is red light therapy safe, the answer is definitely yes. The solution for low level laser therapy lllt, is a portable device that is non-invasive, has no side effect, no cross infection, being pure green physiotherapy. Cold laser therapy near me health benefits are many as they are displayed here.
  2. Documented for red light therapy benefits above 90% therapeutic effect with positive clinical trial report provided.
  3. Looking for where to buy cold laser you found the best household physiotherapy devices, small in size, intelligent design, easy operation and convenient carrying.
  4. Certification and patents protection provided with the passing of CE, RoHs, ISO9001 and ISO13485.

Where to buy cold laser



Therapeutic Principle of red light therapy device


Where to buy cold laser

1 Low level laser therapy lllt is also called low power, low intensity, soft laser or 650 nm red light wavelengths therapy of which the output power density is 1 j/sq.m. level. Our multi-functional therapeutic apparatus combine Chinese traditional medicine theory of acupuncture, the original “light acupuncture” with the “light cycle” therapy.


The light cycle therapy use low intensity laser in the role of medical science combined with acupoint stimulation of traditional Chinese medicine. After low intensity laser applied to human body, there is no irreversible damage to its biological organization.


It just cause a series of physiological and biochemical changes, such as anti-inflammatory and analgesic, convergence wound, desensitization, adjust the body function serving as an anti aging of circulatory system and so on. Thus the cure effect of normalizing blood vessels pressure is achieved. You do not have to look for cold laser therapy near me, anymore. We are just happy to help you with the best red light therapy device that answer promptly to the need of how to lower blood pressure.


2 Our Semiconductor red light therapy instrument has been developed based on modern laser medicine and clinical practice. It adopts low level laser therapy lllt with the wavelength of 650 nm for household use. Through irradiation of specific body parts and using light radiation of laser, changes occur in the biological characteristics and peel off the fat layer and cholesterol wrapped in the red blood cells. This answers to the question of how to lower blood pressure safely without a need for physical therapists


Thus improve the activity of oxygen carrying capacity as well as the deformability of cells. Also reduce the concentration of middle molecules in the blood, improve the rheological properties and lower triglycerides and cholesterol, in order to effectively treat blood vessels hypertension and prevent cardiac-cerebral vascular diseases. Are you still looking how to lower blood pressure and where to buy cold laser or red light therapy near me? Now you found an anti aging circulatory system too.

After 30 mins treatment with red light therapy device

Through the microscope we can observe the red cells activated and back to normal. Red light therapy near me before and after pictures that shows the health benefits of red light therapy at home.

cold laser therapy near me


After 1 month to 3 months treatment

Headache, dizziness, chest tightness, shortness of breath, palpitations, drowsiness, insomnia, numbness, memory loss and other symptoms change or disappear. This is how to lower blood pressure easily with our portable red light therapy near me.


How to lower blood pressure safely after 3 months treatment

Where to buy cold laser therapy if not on Genie’S Mart online store. Your tests changes in blood vessels flow, blood tests, blood viscosity, cholesterol, triglyceride, low density lipoprotein, or other indicators fall back to normal.


After 6months  and long term treatment

Using our cold laser therapy device, effectively improve and treat some diabetic, specially type2 diabetic sufferer. Effectively improve the balance of their pancreas function. Long-term using of low level laser therapy lllt will reject cardiovascular and cerebrovascular & stroke & sudden death & hemiplegia.


Red Light Therapy Device Function and Performance:

How to lower blood pressure using red light therapy device:

  • Improving blood viscosity through laser blood irradiation.
  • Improving blood oxygen carrying capacity through laser blood irradiation.
  • Reducing blood-fat and total cholesterol through low level laser therapy.
  • Quickly and effectively correct the abnormality of lipid metabolism and maintain the equilibrium level of the lipid metabolism in the human body through laser blood irradiation.
  • Improving the partial blood vessels circulation around the nasal cavities and the immunological competence of the nasal mucous membranes through irradiation the nasal mucous.
  • Therapeutic efficacy control on ischemic cardiac-cerebral vascular diseases.

Looking how to lower blood pressure with red light therapy near me? You found here your own treatment area at home without a need for physical therapists. Just wear portable level laser therapy lllt like a wristwatch sleeping or doing you work and that’s it. No more time consuming visits to healthcare centers. Also here you find the best cold laser therapy cost as a ratio between quality and price.


Low Level Laser Therapy Features with no cold laser therapy side effects


  • Good clinical therapeutic effect for how to lower blood pressure using cold laser therapy near me online store. Laser irradiation take place to three parts or acupoints of human body at the same time. how to lower blood pressure
  • A laser stabilizer specially added to perform with more stability.
  • Our semiconductor red light therapy devices use high quality imported laser head which has the longest life-span.
  • Our cold laser therapy device owe five patents protection.
  • Humanistic and scientific design to fit human physiological curve and ergonomics.
  • Medical use of high capacity lithium battery for the energy-saving.
  • Using high-class and durable metal enclosure which is conducive to heat diffusion for the power stable.
  • Time and power are adjustable, very smart memory system.
  • Two output modes: Pulse and Continues, which have manual and automatic switch available.
  • Pluggable laser wire, more convenience in use and easier maintenance.
  • Pluggable laser pad to cover efficiently other body area in need.


Caution when you look for cold laser therapy near me:


When you look for how to lower blood pressure you should be aware where is not indicated to be used cold laser in the following groups:


  • cancer patient,
  • pregnancy,
  • patient with hemorrhagic diseases.  


Children shall only use cold laser therapy near me devices only under the direction of their parents.

The elder patients and sensitive patients must accept the low-power and short-time treatment at the beginning, the rate of work could be increased as the body adjusts.  


Technical indexes :


Laser mediumGaAlAs Semiconductor
Laser red light wavelengths650 nm
Number of terminal laser output10
Single laser medium terminate output voltage≤ 5mw
Terminate output laser control3 grade for adjusting
Fixed time range10 minutes to 60 minutes, and six grade for adjustment
Battery voltage3.7-4.2 V
Lithium-ion battery output voltage5.5 V
Instrument power consumption<1 W
Environment temperature5-40°C
Relative humidity<80%
Atmospheric pressure86 kpa-106 kpa
Weight (KGS)1 kg


Contraindications for use red light therapy:


When looking for how to lower blood pressure, you should pay attention to following contraindications:

  • disorders of blood coagulation
  • reduce blood coagulation
  • hemorrhagic states
  • pregnancy period
  • direct irradiation of the eye
  • retina irradiation
  • carcinoma and malignant tumors
  • untreated epilepsy
  • direct irradiation of neck or thyroid gland in the case of hyperthyroidose
  • frequent bleeding and massive loss of blood
  • immunosuppressive drugs
  • pacemaker
  • age under 13 years
  • photo sensitivity – inborn or caused by drugs

Low level laser therapy lllt scientific study

How to lower blood pressure naturally through intranasal light therapy | T Lew Lim, Medicights Research Inc., Toronto, Canada

This paper discusses light therapy, in particular intranasal light therapy as an evidence ‐ based modality for lowering high blood pressure (or hypertension). The discussion is based on scientific theories supported by published literature and relevant empirical studies.

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