Frequency generator for healing a new cancer treatment and diabetes cure


New cancer treatment with millimeter wave therapy is the application of low-intensity millimeter-wavelength electromagnetic waves in the treatment of a large variety of diseases including cardiovascular disorders, diabetes cure, dermatitis, gastrointestinal disorders, wound healing, pain relief, and the reduction of toxic side effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients. This is an efficient solution to reverse diabetes as well as new cancer treatment that works.


Millimeter Wave Therapy Device

MWs, a form of microwaves delivered with frequency generator for healing, are non-ionizing and are administered onto a localized area of the skin at a sufficiently low intensity that there is no perceptible heating.


In addition to its demonstrated effectiveness, it is a non-invasive, painless, relatively inexpensive compared to any rife machine for sale exceedingly rare and minor side effects.


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Millimeter wave is used in Genie’S Mart frequency generators as healing carrier wave for treat cancer and diabetes purposes. Electromagnetic waves have 1-10 mm, applied in new cancer treatment as the best alternative cancer treatment better that any rife frequencies. Frequency used range from 30 GHz to 300GHz that are much higher values than any rife machine for sale available. This is an autonomous cancer center for you at home.

It is a low power, short wave length, high frequency electromagnetic wave and locates in interchange of the light wave, also called extremely high frequency electromagnetic wave. These range of extreme healing frequencies cannot be met in any rife machine that only has up to 20,000,000 Hz as much.


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No need to buy rife machine as long as our healing frequencies (carrier wave) are much higher in range than any rife frequencies for new cancer treatment and diabetes cure. Our frequency healing technology for treat cancer is out of the range of audio frequencies. Also is supplemented by way of energy spread through the meridians, body fluid pathways, and neural pathways, to regulate patient immune system.


Effect of Frequency Medicine on Tumor Metastasis


Tests made in clinical trials in cancer center show also Citolytic Activity of Natural Killer Cells, that kill cancer cells, using millimeter wave machine.

Millimeter waves (MW carrier wave) are widely used for as cancer therapies of many diseases in Russia and former Soviet Union countries. Three common frequencies employed in these treatments are 42.2, 53.6 and 61.2 GHz for all types of cancer treatment. These frequencies are much higher in value that any rife frequencies that was nor designed for these extremely high frequencies.

MW waves can be used as a mono therapy or in combination with other treatment of cancer methods for treat cancer. As an adjunct to chemotherapy, it has been reported to protect the immune functions from the adverse effect of chemotherapy.

It has been reported in clinical trials that MW’s in the said range modulate the immune functions  kill cancer cells helping patients in how to treat cancer. On the other side one of the major problem in chemotherapy is that it can enhance tumor metastasis due to suppression of natural killer (NK) cell activity. These types of extreme frequency generators solve this chemotherapy problem working in combination with it for inhibit tumor growth.

Clinical trials in cancer center have been conducted on animals divided in groups using the 42.2 +/- 0.2 GHz with modulated wave irradiation through a 10 x 20 mm rectangular output horn. Combined treatment with CPA and MW’s resulted in a significantly less enhancement in tumor metastasis compared with reference group. Millimeter waves also increased NK cell activity as immune cells suppressed by CPA suggesting that a reduction in metastasis by MW’s is mediated through activation of NK cells.

Details of this research about cancer therapy can be found in Fox Center of Biomedical Physics, Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia USA.


Therapeutic efficacy of frequency generator for healing

Genie’S Mart frequency generators for healing have an inhibitory effect on the cancer cells inhibiting tumor growth. The tumor burden will decrease and pain will disappear. Change the blood rheological properties, strengthen the local tissue metabolism, immune cells and promote absorption of inflammation, eliminate swelling, relieve pain.



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Indications for Genie’S Mart Millimeter Wave Machine


Millimeter wave device cure diabetes caused complication diseases such as diabetic foot, diabetic necrosis, and maintain normal blood sugar levels.

This special therapy inhibit cancer and tumor cells growth much efficiently and in addition relieve the pain.


EHF Therapy in Clinical Oncology


Clinical trials conducted in cancer center had shown that EHF (extremely high frequency) in cancer therapies did not stimulate the growth of either the primary or metastatic tumor and on the contrary, kill cancer cells, meaning it could suppress its proliferate activity.  EHF therapy in oncology was used as a mono-therapy for treatment of benign tumors or as a palliative therapy for pain relief stimulating immune cells and reducing intoxication syndrome.

In all other cases, EHF therapy that treat cancer can be applied in combination with surgery, chemotherapy, or X-ray therapy. EHF therapy was used in treatment of gastric polyps and uterine myoma, benign skin tumors and testicular tumors, local fibroadenomatosis and fibroadenoma of mammary gland, breast cancer, malignant skin melanoma, cancer of the stomach or mammary gland, ovarian cancer, carcinoma of the cervix and uterine cancer, cancers of esophagus, lung, bowel, and others.

EHF therapy in surgery a new cancer treatment breakthrough


In the presurgery period, this EHF therapy in cancer center treated a number of accompanying diseases and thus reduced the risk of surgical intervention. Its application in pre- and postsurgery periods reduced the likelihood of postsurgery complications such as suppurative conditions, hemorrhagic and atonic syndromes, and intensified the healing process of postoperative and postexcision wounds. This treatment stopped the pain syndrome successfully and made it possible to reduce the dose or to abolish the need for narcotic and non-narcotic analgesics. In a number of cases the EHF therapy prevented the development of relapses and metastases.

Why Buy Rife Machine when Genie’S Mart Generator Features Are


No side effect, no drug dependence or infection, no pain, safe physiotherapy.

No radiation, no heat damage, no side effect.

Frequency generators therapy have distal effect.

Long term curative effect (more than 95% curative effect for cure for diabetes complications) not easy to reappear.

Can adjust or restore patients’ immune function, treat cancer and kill cancer cells.

Intended for medical and household use.


Preventive application of EHF therapy in oncology

Study of the main mechanisms of tumor pathogenesis allowed application of EHF therapy to reduce the risk of the cancer and prevent various neoplastic diseases from occurring. Tumor tissue secreted the substances that increased blood coagulation and lowered fibrinolytic ability. After EHF therapy, general coagulability potential of the blood, including such factors as fibrinogen, fibrinogen B, prothrombin, clotting time, and aggregability of thrombocytes, decreased by more than 30%.

Application of the EHF therapy also restored the ability of mono-nuclear cells in the peripheral blood to depress the growth of experimental tumors. This fact may likely explain the therapeutic activity of EHF therapy during treatments of neoplastic diseases of the ovaries or mammary gland, or of lymphoepithelioma and lymphogranulomatosis (Hodgkin’s disease), etc


Following conclusions were drawn upon medical observations on cancer patients:

1. Positive clinical effects of treatment in clinical trials with the EHF therapy were obtained in 92% of cases; improvement of the ‘‘quality of life’’ could be achieved in 82% of patients;

2. EHF therapy with frequency generators provides relief in treat cancer and can stop the main clinical syndrome accompanying advanced cancer cases; efficacy of the EHF therapy was the same as in the cases of conventional medicines application;

3. After EHF therapy, the cancer may lose features of its ‘‘malignancy’’ such as metastasis and penetration into the surrounding tissues and organs.


Millimeter wave machine structure


Genie’S Mart frequency generators consist of host, millimeter wave irradiation head, treatment straps, power cord.


new cancer treatmentdiabetes cure

Genie’S Mart Millimeter Wave Therapy Device parameters


new cancer treatment


Indications for EHF Therapy in Oncology


Indications for EHF therapy like no other rife frequencies as new cancer treatment in a group of oncological patients include:

  1. Preparation for radical treatment;
  2. Prevention of toxic effects of radiotherapy as well as chemotherapy;
  3. Treatment of the complication accompanying or following radical treatment;
  4. Combination of EHF therapy with other synergetic methods of treatment applied in oncology including laser therapy, narcotic and non-narcotic analgesic remedies;
  5. Treatment of the paraneoplastic syndrome;
  6. Palliative EHF therapy of incurable patients;
  7. Prevention of metastases, relapses, and dissemination of the tumor.

No direct contraindications of EHF in oncology are known so far.

Low Intensity Millimeter Wave as a Potential Tool in Cure for Diabetes of Sensory motor Polyneuropathy


The purpose of these clinical trials was to determine the effectiveness of application of low intensity Millimeter Wave (MW carrier wave frequency generators) in treatment of diabetes cure of sensorimotor polyneuropathy (DSP). Was conducted a randomized sham-controlled single center study in 51 patients with painful DSP diagnosed according to Toronto Clinical Neuropathy Score (TCNS). Read on to find out how to reverse blood sugar levels with our portable millimeter wave instrument.

Patients were randomized to receive either sham or MW treatment over 2 weeks period, 6 times per week. The primary efficacy parameter was the difference in TCNS after 2 weeks. The patients had similar baseline characteristics for TCNS, HbA1c and duration of DSP. After 2 weeks of treatment both groups had a reduction in TCNS ,in MW-treated group the mean of TCNS decreased to7.58 compared with 9.56 for the Sham group(p=0.033). MW had no effect on nerve conduction studies. The obtained data allow us to suggest the MW-treatment as a promising tool for Diabetes of Sensorymotor Polyneuropathy therapy. Also weight loss and daily exercising lead to a better control of blood sugar levels (International Dental and Medical Disorders December 2008; 1: 50-55 Read more


Genie’S Mart frequency generator principle action


Pancreas + Di ji acupuncture point + Three Yin channels of foot + Shen Shu as bellow in the picture:



Millimeter Wave Therapy Device


Clinical test approved Genie’S Mart millimeter wave machine worthy for diabetes cure as follows:

After 20 days treatment blood sugar levels will decreased 2 levels. After 1 month diabetic foot will be cured.


Clinical Reports and Laboratory Researches to confirm this device




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