Portable High Blood Pressure Treatment & Diabetes Treatment

This red light therapy in a wristwatch shape is the best non-invasive solution for

  • high blood pressure treatment
  • to reduce hyperlipidemia
  • against anti-aging of the circulatory system
  • prevention and cure of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases
  • diabetes treatment
  • rhinitis treatment

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Cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases were called the first killer against human health. This is the reason why high blood pressure treatment is so important from the early stages of the disease. The same happens with high sugar quantities in the blood due to pancreas malfunction. Diabetes treatment and prevention must occur from the very early stages of affection.

Once CHD (coronary heart disease), cerebral apoplexy or stroke break out, the only consequence is either the patient suffer death or become disabled.

These kinds of disabilities affect the quality of life of middle-aged and elderly people and threaten life all the time.


Portable Red Light Therapy Device

Home-use-red-laser-light-therapy-device for high blood pressure treatmentThe semiconductor low-level laser therapy apparatus is a red laser with a wavelength of 650 nm. The human body can be penetrated without any damage via a 650 nm laser. Its energy can be absorbed by blood when irradiating the three golden positions of Radial Artery, Neiguan Acupoint, and nasal cavity.

By this acupunctures irradiation, the oxygen-carrying capacity of erythrocytes is enhanced. Also, blood vessels circulation is promoted, balancing blood pressure, blood fat, blood viscosity, and blood sugar. By this mechanism vascular repairing becomes available.

Indications of portable red light therapy:

  • high blood pressure treatment
  • hyper-viscosity
  • hyperlipemia
  • hypertension
  • diabetes treatment
  • cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
  • rhinitis
  • allergic rhinitis
  • acute rhinitis
  • chronic rhinitis
  • sinusitis
  • nasal polyps.


Portable Watch Cold Laser Therapy High Blood Pressure Treatment

The red light therapy wristwatch is internationally recognized as pure green physiotherapy. The treatment involves no trauma and no side effect. Laser light therapy is also a non-invasive procedure, avoiding the effect of infection and bleeding of usual treatment. This cold laser therapy consists only of irradiating Radial Artery, Neiguan Acupoint, and Nasal Cavity.

Red light therapy is an elegant manner to avoid the side effects of durable dependency on taking drugs for high blood pressure treatment. Hence it is wonderfully suited for mid-aged and elderly as daily healthcare. Easily treats a wide range of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases being indicated in diabetes treatment.

Our product is certified, clinically tested.


How To Use Red Light Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes Treatment


1 The low-intensity laser also called low power, low level, or soft laser has output power density is 1j/sq.m. level.

Our multi-functional therapeutic apparatus use the Chinese traditional medicine theory of acupuncture [the original “light acupuncture”] and “light cycle” therapy.

The light cycle therapy uses a low-intensity laser in the role of medical science and is combined with acupoint stimulation of traditional Chinese medicine. After the low-intensity laser is applied to the body, no other irreversible damage to tissues occurs.

The treatment just cause a series of physiological and biochemical changes, such as

  • anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect
  • convergence wound
  • desensitization
  • adjust the body function in order to achieve the cure effect.


2 Our Semiconductor Laser Therapeutic Instrument has been developed based on modern laser medicine and clinical practice. It adopts a low-level laser with a wavelength of 650nm for household use.

Using light radiation of laser will change the biological characteristics and peel off the fat layer and cholesterol wrapped in the red blood cells. This will improve the activity and oxygen-carrying capacity as well as the deformability of cells, reducing the concentration of middle molecules in the blood. Improves the rheological properties and lower triglycerides and cholesterol, in order to effectively treat and prevent cardiac-cerebrovascular diseases.


After 30 minutes of treatment with red light therapy

high blood pressure treatment effects minThrough the microscope, we can observe the red cells activated, single, and back to normal.

30-min-irradiation-red laser therapy treatment

After 1 month to 3 months of hypertension & type 2 diabetes treatment

Headache, dizziness, chest tightness, shortness of breath, palpitations, drowsiness, insomnia, numbness, memory loss, and other symptoms change or disappear.


After 3 months of treatment

User tests changes in blood flow, blood tests, blood viscosity, cholesterol, triglyceride, low-density lipoprotein, or other indicators fall back to normal.


After 6 months and long term treatment

Effectively improve and treat diabetics, especially type 2 diabetes sufferers. Effectively balance the pancreas function. Long-term using this device will reject cardiovascular and cerebrovascular & stroke & sudden death & hemiplegia.


Advantage of using portable red light therapy:

  1. It is low-level laser irradiation, is non-invasive, has no side effect, no cross-infection can occur, is pure green physiotherapy
  1. This red light therapy has an above 90% efficacy with the positive clinical trial report provided
  1. It has a small size, intelligent design, easy to operate, and portable making the high blood pressure treatment and diabetes treatment available everywhere.
  2. Certification and patent protection provided with the passing of CE, RoHS, ISO9001, and ISO13485.


Function and Performance for Portable Red Light Therapy Device

  • Improving blood viscosity through laser blood irradiation.
  • Improving blood oxygen-carrying capacity through laser blood irradiation.
  • Reducing blood-fat and total cholesterol through laser blood irradiation.
  • Quickly and effectively correct the abnormity of lipid metabolism and maintain the equilibrium level of the lipid metabolism in the human body through red light therapy.
  • Improving the partial blood circulation around the nasal cavities and the immunological competence of the nasal mucosa membranes through irradiation of the nasal mucosa through red light therapy.
  • Therapeutic efficacy control on ischemic cardiac-cerebral vascular diseases.


Wrist irradiation for diabetes treatment and hypertension:

  1. Our device adopts a 650nm laser irradiates the acupoint.
  2. The red light will penetrate the vessel wall.
  3. Laser energy is absorbed to produce the lipoprotein lipase that will decompose the fat garbage in the blood. Thus will improve the microcirculation.
  4. Improve the red blood cell carrying oxygen capacity so as to purify the blood or hyperviscosity. Improve the islet function, reinstating the normal insulin secretion.
  5. It can lower hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, hypertension, sugar in diabetes treatment.
  6. Lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, blood fat, blood sugar, high blood viscosity
  7. Reduces risk of heart attack and risk of stroke


Nasal cavity irradiation for rhinitis treatment:

  1. It can cure or help various rhinitis due to a large number of capillary present in our nasal cavity.
  2. It’s easier to stimulate the nasal nerve improving the skull blood circulation and whole microcirculation.
  3. Transport more oxygen and nutrition to our brain.
  4. Finally prevent cerebral thrombosis stroke, sudden death, cardiovascular, and cerebrovascular.


Red laser therapy wristwatch features

Good clinical therapeutic effect on high blood pressure treatment through laser irradiation of the three parts or acupoints of the human body at the same time.

A laser stabilizer specially added to perform red light therapy with more stability for greater effect in type 2 diabetes treatment.

Our semiconductor laser devices use high quality imported laser heads which have the longest life-span.

Products owned five patents protection.

Humanistic and scientific design to fit the human physiological curve and ergonomics.

Medical use of high capacity lithium battery for the energy-saving.

Using high-class and durable metal enclosure which is conducive to heat diffusion for the power stable.

Time and power are adjustable, very smart memory system.

Two output modes: Pulse and Continues, which have manual and automatic switch available.

Pluggable laser wire, more convenience in use, and easier maintenance.


Caution for not using this device

1) Not suitable for the following groups: cancer patient, pregnancy, patient with hemorrhagic diseases.

2) Children shall only use the instrument under the direction of their parents.

3) The elder patients and sensitive patients should assess the low-power and short-time treatment at the beginning, the rate of work could be increased as the body adjusts.


Contraindications of using red light therapy

  • disorders of blood coagulation
  • reduce blood coagulation
  • hemorrhagic states
  • pregnancy period
  • direct irradiation of the eye
  • retina irradiation
  • carcinoma and malignant tumors
  • untreated epilepsy
  • direct irradiation of neck or thyroid gland in the case of hyperthyroidism
  • frequent bleeding and massive loss of blood
  • immune suppressible drugs
  • pacemaker
  • age under 13 years
  • photosensitivity – inborn or caused by drugs


Technical indexes:     


Item Description
Laser medium GaAlAs Semiconductor
Laser wavelength 650 nm
Number of terminal laser output 10
Single laser medium terminate output voltage ≤5 mw
Terminate output laser control 3 grade for adjusting
Fixed time range 10 minutes to 60 minutes, and six grade for adjustment
Battery voltage 3.7-4.2 V
Lithium-ion battery output voltage 5.5 V
Instrument power consumption <1 W
Environment temperature 5-40°C
Relative humidity <80%
Atmospheric pressure 86 kpa-106 kpa
Dimension(cm) product 2.7*5.5*3
package 26.5*18.7*8
Weight(KGS) 1 kg


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