Frequency Healing Machine For Cancer Treatment & Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

Frequency Healing Machine Therapeutic Efficacy

Millimeter-wave frequency healing machine irradiation has an inhibitory on the cancer cells, the tumor burden decreased and pain will disappear. Change of blood rheological properties, strengthen the local tissue metabolism and promote absorption of inflammation eliminate swelling, relieve pain.

Indication in cancer treatment and type 2 diabetes treatment

1 Cure diabetic caused complication diseases, such as diabetic foot, diabetic nephrosis, etc
2 Inhibiting cancer tumor cells growth, and relieve the pain

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About the Frequency Healing Machine For Cancer Treatment & Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

  • Frequency healing machine has an inhibitory effect on cancer treatment on the cancer cells inhibiting also tumor growth
  • Is better than any Rife machine due to its improved frequencies range, much higher in vibration
  • This portable home device is an efficient type 2 diabetes treatment
  • Frequency healing machine cure diabetic foot pain, diabetic foot ulcer, diabetic necrosis
  • This microwave type 2 diabetes treatment maintain normal blood sugar levels being
  • Treatment applied with frequency healing machine is an efficient diabetic neuropathy treatment
  • inhibit cancer and tumor cells growth being an efficient cancer treatment
  • relieve the associated pain for
    • prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, and many other types like pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer, liver cancer
  • frequency machine for cancer treatment changes the blood rheological properties, strengthen the local tissue metabolism
  • electromagnetic cancer treatment strengthens immune cells and promotes the absorption of inflammation, eliminate swelling, relieve chronic pain and cancer pain


Portable Frequency healing machine for cancer and diabetes therapy

It is better than any rife machine for cancer because of its MWs that ranges between 1 – 10 mm & 30 – 300 GHz. Low power, short wavelength, high-frequency electromagnetic waves circulate through meridians, body fluid path, neural pathways, regulating the patient immune system.


How this Frequency healing machine operates in cancer treatment

Human body cells have a normal frequency of 30Ghz-45Ghz. When cancer affects cells their frequency is changed to other values and disorder in the body is triggered. Using this frequency healing machine and healing occurs by the resonance of the frequency of the diseased cells with the frequency of 30 GHz – 45 GHz generated by this portable millimeter-wave cancer device.

When cancer is in its early stages this millimeter-wave cancer device can kill the cancer cells as an effective cancer treatment.

If there is a metastasis in the body this frequency healing machine can inhibit the spread of cancer cells.

If a cancer patient is in its terminal stages this cancer treatment can improve its life condition using pain relief therapy function.


How this frequency machine for healing operates on type 2 diabetes treatment

This portable radiofrequency for type 2 diabetes treatment through its waves that circulate through meridians, neural and body fluids speed up the blood sugar decomposition.

After about 20 days of type 2 diabetes treatment glucose will decrease 2 levels after about a 1-month diabetics foot will be cured.

This type 2 diabetes treatment has a long-term curative effect meaning that more that is has a 95% curative effect for diabetics complications. Not easy for complications to reappear after this type 2 diabetes treatment.


MMW radiation points on type 2 diabetes treatment

See which acupuncture points should be radiated for type 2 diabetes treatment. Pancreas + Di Ji acupuncture point + 3 Yin channels of foot + Sen Shu as bellow in the picture


Irradiation on the projection area of the pancreas Di Ji acupuncture point sown in picture 4.

Sen Shu acupuncture point is shown in picture 5.

San Yin Jiao acupuncture point showed in picture 6.


Frequency Healing Machine Treatment Time

Once or twice a day, 15 minutes each time. Continue type 2 diabetes treatment until getting recovery.


Cancer Treatment and Type 2 Diabetes Treatment with MW Device Efficacy

Frequency healing machine has an inhibitory effect on cancer cells, decrease tumor burden, leading to the cancer pain disappearance, change the blood rheological properties.

Compared with traditional drug therapy, it’s the no-side effect, no drug dependence, no pain, being pure physiotherapy.

  • This cancer treatment it’s effective in inhibiting cancer cells, shrinking tumors, curing diabetes, and reducing chemotherapy side effects.
  • Cancer treatment applied to our frequency healing machine has a safe & accumulative treatment effect.
  • Easy & convenient in operation, no need professional knowledge or go to the hospital.
  • after 20 days of type 2 diabetes treatment, glucose will decrease 2 levels verifiable with glucose level tester, is a type 2 diabetes treatment without medication
  • after about 2 months diabetic foot will be cured helping a lot of diabetes management
  • after about 15 days of fighting cancer with this cancer treatment, tumor or prostate cancer symptoms will be alleviated.


Features for cancer treatment and type 2 diabetes treatment

  • no side effect, no drug dependence or infection, no pain, safe physiotherapy
  • no radiation, no heat damage, no side effect
  • MW have distal effect
  • long term curative effect (more than 95% curative effect for diabetes complications), not easy to reappear, this machine counts as type
  • 2 diabetes treatment without medication
  • adjust or restore patients immune system function
  • for medical and household use


Parameters of millimeter-wave cancer and type 2 diabetes treatment device

Operating frequency 30 GHz – 300 GHz
Wavelength 7.5 mm – 10 mm
Output power density 4 mW/cm2 ~ 9 mW/cm2
Rated input power < 35 VA
Power AC110V/60Hz & AC220V/50Hz
Anti-shock therapy device Class I
Protection B type
Ambient temperature 5 C ~ 40 C
Relative humidity =< 80 %
Atmospheric pressure 860 hPa ~ 1060 hPa


Extremely High-Frequency EHF Therapy in Oncology

Abstract of Mikhail Teppone, MD, and Roman Avakyan, PhD

Objective: This work represents a review of the literature, mainly from Russian sources, dealing with the therapeutic application of low-intensity electromagnetic radiation in the millimeter band applied to experimental and clinical oncology.

Method: At the early stage of these studies, efficacy and safety of millimeter electromagnetic radiation (extremely high frequency [EHF]) were proved for various types of malignant tumors. The majority of the further studies demonstrated the high efficacy and safety of millimeter-wave radiation in treating patients suffering from both benign and malignant tumors.

Results: Developments led to treatment on skin melanoma, cancer of the ear–nose–throat, bowel cancer and breast cancer, uterine cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, solid tumors, as well as lymphoma.


The main indications for this frequency healing machine therapy are

(1) preparation prior to radical treatment;

(2) prevention and treatment of side-effects and complications from chemotherapy and radiotherapy;

(3) prevention of metastases, relapses, and dissemination of the tumor;

(4) treatment of the paraneoplastic syndrome; and

(5) palliative therapy of incurable patients.

Conclusions: In spite of the fact that not all mechanisms underlying effects of EHF therapy are known as yet, this therapeutic modality has been shown to have great potential in clinical oncology from studies performed in Eastern Europe and Russia.

THE JOURNAL OF ALTERNATIVE AND COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE Volume 16, Number 11, 2010, pp. 1211–1216 ª Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. DOI: 10.1089/acm.2009.0208


Low-Intensity Millimeter Wave as a Potential Tool in Treatment of Diabetic Sensorimotor Polyneuropathy

Abstract of International Dental and Medical Disorders ISSN 1308-1322 MW efficacy in DSP http://www.ektodermaldisplazi.com/journal.htm Zoleika Moazezi et all.

The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of the application of low-intensity Millimeter Wave (MW) in the treatment of Diabetic sensorimotor polyneuropathy (DSP). We conducted a randomized sham-controlled single-center study in 51 patients with painful DSP diagnosed according to Toronto Clinical Neuropathy Score (TCNS). Patients were randomized to receive either sham or MW treatment over 2 weeks period, 6 times per week. The primary efficacy parameter was the difference in TCNS after 2 weeks. The patients had similar baseline characteristics for TCNS, HbA1c, and duration of DSP. After 2 weeks of treatment, both groups had a reduction in TCNS, in the MW-treated group the mean of TCNS decreased to 7.58 compared with 9.56 for the Sham group(p=0.033). MW had no effect on nerve conduction studies. The obtained data allow us to suggest MW-treatment as a promising tool for Diabetic Sensorimotor Polyneuropathy therapy.

(International Dental and Medical Disorders December 2008; 1: 50-55)


Clinical Reports and Laboratory Researches to confirm Portable Healthcare Device

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Physiological mechanisms underlying millimeter wave therapy | MARVIN C. ZISKIN | BIOELECTROMAGNETICS Current Concepts pp 241-251
New radiation therapy on the radar | Israeli researchers discover that millimeter radiation alters cancer cells so they cannot reproduce, without destroying the cells themselves.


Testimonials for Type 2 Diabetes Treatment and Cancer Treatment



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