Cold Laser therapy shoulder pain relief knee pain treatment neck pain relief


Looking for cold laser therapy near me?


Congratulations! You find Genie’S Mart online store the best cold laser therapy near me alternative. With our portable device you can treat:

  • Lower back pain relief
  • Knee Arthritis
  • Knee pain treatment
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Shoulder pain relief
  • Athletics System Injuries
  • Neck pain relief
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Sports Injuries & Sprain
  • Wound & Ulcer Acupuncture
  • Diminish Inflammation
  • Rehabilitation Therapy

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Cold laser therapy near me ( LLLT ) is no more a controversial alternative medicine treatment. It’s a recognize method of exposing tissue to low levels of red light therapy and near-infrared light. The levels are low in comparison to other laser therapies that produce heat, such as those used for cutting or ablation.

Other names for cold laser therapy are low-intensity laser light therapy ( LLLT ), soft laser therapy, or low-power laser therapy.

Different wavelengths are needed to treat specific conditions. The light energy goes right through your skin. It can penetrate two to five centimeters into tissues and muscles, where it triggers a physiological reaction. The reaction may reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and promote healing for stiff neck and shoulders.

This ( LLLT ) therapy can be used for a number of problems, including knee pain due to knee injury or osteoarthritis. Continue reading to learn how cold laser therapy ( LLLT ) works, who shouldn’t use it, and some other tips on how to manage knee pain as well as other muscles pains. Use cold laser therapy near me as physical therapy for knee injury, lower back pain relief, knee pain treatment, neck pain relief, shoulder pain relief. Also you should know that red light therapy is commonly used in diabetes cure.


Cold laser therapy near me best option for knee pain treatment


LLLT or cold laser therapy near me offers a portable device that delivers non-thermal photons of light to the body for about 3 to 8 minutes to injured cells. The cells are then stimulated and respond with a higher rate of metabolism. This low-level laser therapy ( lllt ) results in general neck and shoulders muscles pain relieving, knee injury healing, better circulation, anti-inflammatory and acceleration of pain relief process. This is the best physical therapy for lower back pain treatment at home. You can work lower back pain exercises together with the use of this lllt or cold laser therapy device for great results.


cold laser therapy near me, lower back pain relief, knee pain treatment, shoulder pain relief, neck pain relief


Genie’S Mart laser treatment for stiff neck and shoulders pain and inflammation, results vary from patient to patient and most are enjoying life again within a few weeks. The result of treatment with low intensity cold laser therapy near me found  on Genie’S mart store is the restoration of normal function of the cell unit. That is why laser treatment is a solution for diabetes cure. Also diabetes can be cured with Genie’S Mart extremely high frequency generator, much better than known rife machine.

Does lllt or cold laser therapy work? Yes and is very efficient as you can see in bellow explanations. Save this link for later use


What is cold laser therapy doing


Pain Relief: “Low level laser therapy decreases nerve sensitivity by decreasing bradykinin; a pain eliciting chemical. It normalizes ion channels [cellular gatekeepers] and releases endorphins [body’s natural pain reliever] and enkephalins [related to endorphins] that produce an analgesic effect. It also has a pain-blocking effect on certain nerve fibers.”

Anti-inflammatory/Healing: “Cold therapy laser increases ATP, which is stored energy [ATP is the acronym for adenosine triphosphate]. This increased energy accelerates the repair processes of the cell. Laser also causes a widening of the arteries and veins around the injury which helps to remove damaged cellular debris and increase nutrients and oxygen. White blood cell activity is enhanced leading to a more rapid repair process. Also, some molecules that increase inflammation are reduced, and beneficial antioxidants like superoxide dismutase are increased.

Accelerated Tissue Repair and Cell Growth: “Photons of light from lasers penetrate deeply into tissue and accelerate cellular reproduction and growth. As a result of exposure to laser light, the cells of tendons, ligaments, nerves and muscles are repaired faster.”

Improved Vascular Activity: “Cold laser therapy device light increases the formation of new capillaries in damaged tissue, which speeds up the healing process, and closes wounds quickly.”

Trigger and Acupuncture Points: “Laser is particularly effective in extinguishing painful trigger points. It is also an effective way of stimulating acupuncture points without the discomfort associated with needling.”

Reduced Fibrous Tissue Formation: “Laser therapy reduces the formation of scar tissue following tissue damage from repetitive motion injuries, cuts, scratches, burns or surgery.”

Faster Wound Healing: “Laser light stimulates the building blocks of collagen, which is important in the wound healing of damaged tissues. Collagen is the essential protein required to replace old tissue or to repair injuries. As a result, the laser is effective on open wounds and burns.”

Stem Cell Activation: “Laser increases the number of stem cells, which enhances healing.”

Therapy Principle for Cold laser therapy near me by Genie’S Mart

Improving the blood circulation for shoulder pain relief process


Looking for cold laser therapy near me leads you to our portable device that directly irradiates on the lesion part of muscles where blood flow is decreased or irradiates the sympathetic ganglion which dominates this range. It could supply sufficient blood and nutrition in order to improve the metabolism and relieve symptoms. This result in much easier rotator cuff pain and other chronic pain.


lower back pain relief


Diminishing inflammation quickly for arthritis knee pain treatment at home


This is the best cold laser therapy for common knee injuries, knee joint pain, neck and shoulders pain due to shoulder injury. Cold laser therapy near me offers you a low-level laser therapy device that irradiates the lesion knee joint area to enhance the activity of phagocyte and improve the immunity and diminish the inflammation quickly. This is one of the best muscles pain relief products for results in knee joint pain relief and to avoid later knee replacement due to an extensive damage.


knee pain treatment


Relieving the neck pain relief


Stiff neck pain is a common musculoskeletal condition that affects nearly 10% of the American population1. The exact cause of the pain can be unclear because approximately 50% of the population2 is afflicted with degenerative joint disease, but stiff neck pain may be associated with several factors, including:

  • Injury or trauma, such as whiplash or repetitive occupational injuries
  • Cervical nerve root involvement
  • Poor posture



  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Degenerative joint disease of the zygapophyseal joints
  • Disc herniations

The injured part could release the substance similar to a pain killer after laser irradiation. Lllt or Low-level laser irradiation also could reduce the conduction rate, power and impulse frequency to relieve the pain quickly and helping pain management to be much more effective. Neck pain treatment at home for cervical spine issues has never been easier . With our device is no more need for shoulder pain relief medication.


neck pain relief


Now that you know how to relieve neck pain, what are you waiting for?


LLLT has been shown to have a significant effect on pain reduction for cervical spine patients suffering from neck pain. Photo acceptors within the body absorb the emitted light when applied in direct contact with the body. The absorbed light stimulates the production of intracellular energy via oxidative phosphorylation in the electron transport chain.

The application of light can be part of a larger treatment program. Optimal outcomes are primarily dependent on the dose of light that is administered to the target area. Treatment times for pain tend to be longer and provide higher doses than those used for the reduction of inflammation. Also of note, the targets for the treatment of chronic neck pain are different, in that the primary targets are nerves, nerve roots, trunks and branches. A treatment plan should be prepared to address factors such as tissue injury or inflammation but the primary focus should be the reduction of pain.


Accelerating the tissue repair for shoulder pain relief


shoulder pain reliefThis is the best cold laser for sale that can accelerate the growth of new blood vessel and granulation tissue to improve protein synthesis. Blood capillary is one of the basic elements of the granulation tissue, which is the precondition of wound healing. Organizing much more oxygen supply to damaged muscles tissue cells and accelerates the production of collagen fibers, deposition and cross-linking. Is a very useful low-level laser treatment for chronic neck pain relief, shoulder injury, frozen shoulder, shoulder joint pain, rotator cuff treatment. Our device is the best home remedy for stiff neck, knee joint pain due to knee injury and shoulder pain.


Advantage of using Genie’S Mart low-level laser therapy in pain

Laser therapy is a revolutionary new approach to control pain and accelerate muscles soft tissue healing, the most effective therapy to treat drug free, reduce need for surgery.

The laser light quantum entering into the blood could enhance the activity of lipoprotein lipase, improve the oxygen carrying capacity and the deformability of red blood cells, thus activating and cleaning the blood, reducing the blood fat and viscosity, regulating the blood pressure.

Enhance the Enkephalin metabolism, speed up the endorphin release, the light quantum entering into the blood through human skin could activate or induce T, B lymphocytes and macro-phagocytes to produce cytokines enhance the immune power through the re-circulation of leukomonocytes, strengthen the phagocyte activity of macro-phagocytes, in order to diminish inflammation and odynolysis. Thus you can drop anti-inflammatory drugs ore reduce them significantly.

Increasing the muscles blood circulation, enhance the metabolism of circulating materials, and improve the cerebrovascular blood-supply capacity.

Accelerate the growth of granulation tissues and new blood vessel, stimulate the protein synthesis, repair damaged cells & tissues and promote rapid wound healing.


Back pain relief equipment seen TV with lllt


Benefits of Cold laser therapy near me available for humans


> lower back pain relief,

        > knee joint pain relief

> knee injury

> common knee injuries

> cervical spine pain relief

> shoulder pain relief,

        > rotator cuff treatment

> diminishing inflammation,

> soft tissue and

> skin injury therapy

  • Natural healing, non-invasive treatment, no side effect, no cross infection
  • Increases the efficiency of traditional physiotherapy and conventional treatments
  • Light, portable and rechargeable laser therapy for pain relieve for continuous 4 hours operation
  • Creative systemic treatment on large surface joints and acupoints
  • Suitable for both professional and personal use
  • Easy to operate and user friendly
  • Perfect combination of 808 nm & 650 nm
  • Available output power from 808 nm & 650 nm
  • Available output power from 170 mW to 270 mW
  • Rechargeable lithium battery with 2500 mA capacity.


About LLLT cold laser therapy near me device


Safety Measures: Made of ABS material, lens is tempered glass. FDA Cleared Treatment for Human and Animal. Proven results for pain relief, diminishing inflammation, soft tissue and skin injury therapy. Creative systemic treatment on large surface, joints and acupoints. Safe for You and Your Pet.

Therapy Application: Knee injury & Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sport Injuries, Arthritis, Joint & Muscles, rotator cuff treatment, Knee, Back, Shoulder, Foot & Neck Pain, Neuropathy, Tendonitis, Soft Tissue Injuries, Diminish Inflammations, Wound & Ulcers Acupuncture, Rehabilitation Therapy.This results in better circulation and acceleration of the healing process.

Drug-Free & No Side-effects: Natural healing, non-invasive treatment, no cross infection. Painless, Easy & Safe Treatments. Increases the efficiency of traditional physiotherapy and conventional treatments which is a good gift for your parents and friends.

Doctor recommended & Professional: Self-administered and without a prescription. Professional and personal use. Utilizes state of the art technology. Physical Therapists and Trainers. Now you can successfully treat your painful injury at home for a fraction of the cost.

Portable: It comes with an attractive carrying case, operating instructions and power adapter. Light, portable and rechargeable for continuous operation (4 hours). User friendly, very stylish design, small in size, easy to carry and operate.?The device mainly consists of host, laser diodes.

Cold laser therapy device main technical index


Cold laser therapy near me is best virtual store for knee injury, lower back pain relief, knee pain treatment, shoulder pain relief.

Battery capacityBuild-in lithium battery 5200 mAh
Laser therapy for pain wavelength808 nm & 650 nm
Terminal laser output3 laser beams with 808 nm, 12 laser beams with 650 nm
Using time3 – 4 hours
Case materialABS
Lens materialTempered glass
Maximum power2.4 W
Working modePulse mode and continuous mode
Time settingStart from 15 minutes, 16 – 60 minutes, 10 grades adjustable, each grade increase 5 minutes
FunctionPower supply when is no lithium battery
Battery chargerEuropean & American standard, 4 hours of a full charge
Total power510 mW
Function buttons in laser therapy for painFive buttons including ups button, downs button, the center button, left and right button.
The ups button and downs button are used for adjusting the power of 808 nm laser.
Continuously press the center button and then the power is on. Temporarily press the center button to stop.
The right button is used for time adjusting, 60 minutes for a circulation and every time increases 5 minutes
The left button is used for working mode adjustment. 808 nm & 650 nm laser light will blink in the same time in the pulse mode.
Power adjustmentThree grade for adjustment
DisplayGray LCD display
VoiceWithout voice broadcast. When press these function buttons, we will hear “bee” from the device.


Caution in usage of cold laser therapy near me

  • No probe is allowed to directly aim to the eyes.
  • The laser energy has cumulative effect. Therefore the daily accumulative time of treatment (any probe) shall not exceed 40 minutes. The therapy shall be stopped when clinical symptoms are improved to prevent fatigue effect to laser.
  • When the product is used for children, the treatment shall be carried out under the direction of the adults. The laser allergic individual should not use it.
  • The elderly or weak individuals shall select short time mode (5-10 minutes) at the beginning of treatment and gradually increase treatment time when they are adapted to the product.

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