Fitness tracker and sleep monitor for training and efficient recovery reduced sale price

As fitness merges with health to incorporate people’s inner experiences for outer results, we see more athletes that prove that age is just a number. Corporate life especially leads peoples competitively in the area of self-physical improvements.

This is already seen from recreational runners to elite athletes, as well as from the mothers reconnecting to their sport after baby years and so on.

Smart wristband fitness tracker sleep monitor for maximizing training and recovery outcome reduced sale price

We are glad to contribute to introduction of reduced sale price fitness tracker that helps monitoring physical parameters during the indoor fitness or outdoor sport hours.

Fitness tracker will measure instantly physiological metrics such as heart rate, breathing rate, heart rate variability, blood oxygen saturation levels, and several others parameters. In this way one can monitor if the fluctuations remain in normal range considering the age and physical ability, reducing to null risks such as heart failure.

Also sleep monitor helps recovery and adaptation monitoring sleep quality and time.

Don't miss the opportunity to order fitness tracker sleep monitor for receiving instant body functions data related to quantitative and qualitative effort.

Prevent cardiac arrests, heart failures, blood vessels damage, incomplete recovery with Genie'S Mart fitness tracker and sleep monitor devices.