Why Start Your Own Business

Start your own business could be triggered by an unpleasant pressure to escape from or by a desire to live at another level in life.

What do you know already about what you were made to do?

If you feel that you are not happy with your present professional even life condition, something happened.

A gap occurred between your needs and expectations and the way life is now. 

What do you need now to be really happy and fulfilled?

Maybe is the stress you try to cope with, affecting your life.

Maybe the desire to breakthrough duties, tasks, small routines that drain your energy away not letting see a full and colorful life around you.

Either way, something from inside is telling you that you need to step out and move forward. 

Start your own business is not a job but it’s a way to living.

Listen to your inner voice and know that every big journey starts with the very first tiny step.

Transitional Coaching Program Designed for Growth and Minded Entrepreneurs

Start Your Own Business What Holds You Back

What Holds You Back

How it would be like for you to wake up tomorrow morning with your dream come true? Merge into the feeling of doing exactly you are passionate about, that excites you most and gives an empowering feeling of life. What stays in between the present and desired outcomes? You might know what your fear most and exactly this thing must be addressed to live your dream big. How would it be for you if what scares you most become what you like and excites you? Both feelings have the same engine and tweaking in between them might be easier than you think. If you want to find out what holds you back and how to get over it schedule a free call.

Don't be afraid to fail but not to try

Most people develop some skills to help them in getting the results of their work.
But working as a professional in a career, job, is not quite something to die for. Could be rewarding, comfortable at its best, but is not making you happy and excited. What a grey life!
Think of what are you passionate about, what will make you excited to get off the bed each day. Imagine that you can transform your passion into the business of your life. What skills can support your passion and what you need to develop them?
Schedule a free call to understand if and how we may help you.

Start Your Own Business

Start your own business is about restarting your life. The transition from an employee position to a business owner one can be daunting. There is not a fixed recipe for how to get on the track. There is no school to train you on how to succeed in your business. Your business is in fact your person at the very beginning. Where are you in the process of becoming a successful business owner sets your strategy from that moment on. You can be in places you might not know and a third eyed view perspective can help you figure that out. If you need to get unstuck, move forward to start your own business schedule a free call to see how I can assist you in this process.

Transitional Coaching Program

Empowering yourself to start your own business

You start your own business could be hard. There is not a school in this world to design a pattern for you, a blueprint to follow for success. There is a good reason why is like that.

At the very beginning, you are one with the business. There are not 2 persons in the world in the same stage of development, with the same history of failures, trials, and errors upon they build their experience.

So there is not a starting point the same for everyone in this process to be enrolled in a program for success.

The process itself can be defined as a transition from point A [where are you now] and point B [the place you want, deserve, need, dream to be]. This process is very specific to each person, as they have specific needs to be addressed in this transitional process. 

The best and suitable approach is a transitional coaching program to

  • get more clarity for what you have now as abilities and skills
  • not to procrastinate a second more with more training you might need in order to make a move forward
  • understand your own inner core values
  • create a sustainable professional and life vision
  • create an actionable plan to implement it
  • being kept accounted to it step by step

How to grow your business

When you just start, the business is you. The business limit is given by the owner's own limits. Do you want to transcend these limits? How to grow your business if you are reluctant to expand your comfort zone, change the mindset? What you need is to create an actionable plan and implement small steps one after another. Get an actionable plan on how to grow your business from the present level to the sky limit.

Personal development plan

If you do not have yet a personal development plan is time to get one. Who are you, what are your passion and the skills to support it, what are the values you have centered around, are just a few questions to consider. Your present body and mind state, the emotional level, not to mention the spiritual one has a great impact on your actions and their results.

Do I need a transitional coaching program to start my own business?

Empowering Yourself to Start Your Own Business

You are enough, really, to get all the things done well. You are worthy. Still don’t know what holds you back? Simply said is you who stand against its success.

If you want to have somebody’s permission to start your own business right now you have mine. You are enough for doing that.

You know what are you passionate about, you have the knowledge about it, and even developed at least some raw skills to handle it.

Start your own business by empowering yourself with the ”I am enough” mind state.

If you do not know how to grow your business or start your own business book a free call with me to understand how I can help you get everything well done.

Business coach near me by Genie Smart

Ready to Improve Your Business Skills

Whether you start your own business or look for how to grow your business more you can call me. Schedule a free call session to know a little bit more about you and your business.

Distance is not an issue, on the contrary. This means that I work online.  My coaching sessions with you will provide the process of transformation keeping you accounted for the steps you choose to make, while you will provide the results. 

You know what are you passionate about, sometimes even what holds you back on how to grow your business or to start your own business. A third eye view perspective will help you building another perspective, increase awareness, expand your vision further, create an actionable plan for getting everything well done.


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