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Laser therapy for pain

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Genie’S Mart cure for cancer and diabetes cure

Medical system developed a lot due to the latest scientific researches. As a paradox medicine cannot find a straight forwarding cure for a number of autoimmune and chronic health issues. Once a patient receive such a diagnostic practically is condemned for life only to symptomatic treatment. This kind of treatment is meant to alleviates not to cure the diseases once is triggered. This is why Genie’S Mart put together latest medical scientific researches and ancient eastern medical principles. These are incorporated in small, portable healthcare devices through miniaturization technology as:

  • Laser therapy for pain 
  • high blood pressure treatment
  • diabetes cure
  • cure for cancer machine

The medical system main issue that everybody face it is about adopting selectively the research directions. For example western medical system was not interested in conducting cancer cure researches based on microwaves usability. Nor was interested to carry on experiments in cure diabetes with cold lasers. We gathered sufficient eastern medical reports, clinical trials and laboratory research that sustain Genie’S Mart health solutions. Please find them presented on this page or product pages.

Is there a cure for cancer yes or no?

cure for cancerOur answer is definitely yes. Without supporting cancer cure conspiracy, we know that solutions for cancer cure exists. These cancer cure solutions where not promoted as they should be due to financial criteria. Scientific researches actually are a matter of whom financially order and supports them:

  • the big health equipment manufacturers
  • big pharmaceutical companies
  • independent researchers
  • small research groups and manufacturers

The circle of interests arise where is money plays and this is exactly the medical system case. Where is the money fight for power begin. On the other hand certain latest cancer cure news shows latest cancer treatment breakthroughs in breast cancer, prostate cancer, etc. We choose to post some of that scientific sources on this page and in the each product pages for your concern.

Genie’S Mart new cancer treatment 2018 in breast cancer, proves to be an efficient approach for healing chronic diseases. Our portable therapeutic instruments can be used anywhere not just in the clinics. Far from being experimental laser and microwaves therapies are available as:

  • pain therapy laser
  • hypertension treatment
  • diabetes treatment
  • laser wristwatch

Thus you have 2 wearable laser and microwave devices developed with success and recognized by Russian, Chinese and eastern medical system as a whole.

New cancer treatment breakthrough and diabetes treatment found

For example you can find here a handy mean of hypertension treatment at home against risk of heart disease. Thus you easily prevent heart attacks undertaking no risk. You can use this therapeutic device so easily together with high blood pressure medication and physical activity. The latest scientific knowledge of how laser acts on the blood components reveal us a new diabetes treatment. You can use Genie’S Mart portable device together with foods that reverse diabetes or weight loss exercises. If you look for cure for diabetes that work definitely this is the diabetes treatment you need.

These laser hand held devices are constructed around eastern ancient medical principles of acupuncture. They incorporate also latest technical innovations resulting 2 advanced healthcare devices.

Genie’s Mart frequency generator for healing cancer machine is a highly advanced solution for cure for cancer as well as for breast cancer. It is a Millimeter wave electromagnetic device. Its range is between 30 GHZ – 300 GHZ, of low power, short wavelength, high frequency electromagnetic wave. It is also called extremely high frequency electromagnetic wave machine, that is superior to any Rife machine on the market. Its superior wave range frequency approach more efficiently cancer and diabetes diseases and their complications. Our portable device cure diabetic foot as well as other complications.

Genie’S Mart devices has scientific support  and medical results

Presented scientific literature, clinical researches, laboratory results supports our advanced solutions for chronic diseases treatment.

One of the Genie’S Mart main advantage is the therapeutic instrument portability versus efficiency. With:

  • pain therapy laser
  • hypertension treatment that prevent heart attacks and risk of heart disease
  • cure for diabetes
  • cancer cure machine

you can spare precious time from healthcare centers and associated stress. Use them in the comfort of your house or during physical activity while you treat yourself with the non-invasive advanced treatment.

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Laser therapy for pain
cure for cancer
high blood pressure treatment

Scientific Laboratory Studies, Clinical Trials and Medical Reports to Support Portable Healthcare Devices Efficiency

  • New radiation therapy on the radar | Israeli researchers discover that millimeter radiation alters cancer cells so they cannot reproduce, without destroying the cells themselves.

High blood pressure treatment and diabetes cures that work

When we refer to hypertension or high blood pressure treatment we should have in mind the healing mechanism  avoiding risk of heart disease. The lipids, cholesterol and other substances in the blood are increased and attached to the erythrocyte surface. This trigger the erythrocyte aggregation, accelerated sedimentation rate under gravity, that causes high blood viscosity.

Hypertension can trigger heart attacks. High blood pressure treatment as well as diabetes cure are made very efficient now with our portable laser wristwatch. A very comfortable way of how to lower blood pressure no matter where you are. Just wear our laser wrist watch and that is the treatment of hypertension you need. If you want to know more about how to reverse diabetes, access our product pages for detailed description.

How can we control our hypertension and cure diabetes?

What is hypertension caused by and how affect your blood vessels in relation with heart rate? High blood viscosity, causing an accumulation of a large number of erythrocyte, oxygen reduction, while blood flow velocity is decreased. This has a result in certain organs in the body with ischemic and anoxic state. The hyper-viscosity often is the direct inducement cause of atherosclerosis, it also can lead to cerebral infarction, heart attacks, myocardial obstruction, diabetes and a series of serious diseases. That is why acting upon hyper-viscosity with laser wristwatch we can have diabetes reversed forever.

Clinical Trial Report on semiconductor cold laser therapy – Genie’S Mart

The semiconductor laser therapeutic apparatus for hypertension treatment adopts low-intensity laser irradiation of blood. It can remove the poor permeability of red blood cells adsorbed polysaccharide protein in fat and many other molecules. Polysaccharide lipoproteins with poor permeability and many other medium molecular substances adsorbed around the erythrocytes.

Thus the flexibility and permeability of the membrane is increased and restore the membrane surface normal potential (restore the normal potential of membrane surface), to avoid the aggregation of red blood cells, thereby improving blood viscosity and systolic blood pressure. This laser wrist watch is the high blood pressure treatment at home for anyone who want to prevent heart attacks.

Latest diabetes treatment with cold laser wristwatch

The blood sugar means the glucose in blood, which is the main energy source of human. Excessive blood sugar levels will lie heavy upon lead to aggravating β-cell’s insulin secretion and this situation develop into diabetes as time went by. Once a patient has the diabetes, it may become a lifelong disease. In China, the diabetics have reached 3% ~ 5% of the total population, and the accurate number is over 50,000,000 (cases) and 90% of this amount belongs to Ⅱ type diabetes. Read to find out more about how is diabetes treated with our laser wristwatch.

The semiconductor laser treatment instrument being known as smart home devices and diabetes treatment had good effects on diabetics and achieved 96% response rate. To some syndromes  complications, such as concurrent peripheral neuritis, diabetic nephropathy, retinal fundus disease and skin ulcers etc, irradiation therapy by semiconductor laser treatment instrument can reach higher cure rate than drug therapy. Is can also prevent diabetes by wearing this laser watch that lead to lower blood sugar levels. The former can achieve specific result on anti-oxidation and anti-peroxidation of lipid and improve the condition of blood rheology and micro-circulatory, thus effects significantly on prevention and treatment to diabetic microangiopathy. This therapy can be used together with foods that cure diabetes.

For how to control hypertension or high blood pressure immediately, heart rate and what cure for diabetes you have read more … about high blood pressure treatment and how to reverse diabetes. Genie’S Mart is a real virtual assistant that helps you find out interesting medical info and taking health solution you need.

diabates cure
red light therapy near me
cold laser therapy near me

What is the best high blood pressure medication?


What is the best high blood pressure medication?First of all we want to emphasize that take it entirely on experimental or just diet approach is very risky. Once the cardiovascular disease is diagnosed proper treatment should be followed including medication. This approach increases the one chances for life prolongation. Being on the cover one can try alternative approaches that act in time and cure the diseases in question.


Being on the cover means buying time for long time curing diseases treatment without any risk on the road.

Medications that are often prescribed to treat high blood pressure include:



Our portable high blood pressure treatment can be applied in conjunction with the above mentioned medication for better effect. This therapy does not produce any side effects as low level laser energy of  650 nm is absorbed by blood increasing oxygen carrying capacity of red cells. As well cells deformability is improved, concentration of middle molecules in the blood reduced, rheological properties and lower triglycerides and cholesterol improved. There are just a few of positive effects of using our highly advanced scientifically medical device.


If you have one of that symptoms call your doctor for an exact assessment upon your healthy state:


  • fatigue
  • nausea
  • shortness of breath
  • lightheadedness
  • headaches
  • excessive sweating
  • vision problems
  • confusion
  • chest pain
  • blood in the urine


We do not encourage to play games with your health trying on your own things like alternative treatments or just dieting. We saw people dying while the “pills people” survive to fight with disease another day.


What we suggest for protection is to take what medical system have as “pills” (immediate action) while in parallel treat yourself with our highly advanced portable laser therapy (long but eradicating disease solution).


Best medication is one that makes you buy time in conjunction with the one who cure the disease from within.


Act wisely with patience appealing to the most technological solutions for fundamental disease curing.

What is a dangerously high blood pressure?

Blood pressure measuring has to readings. One measures the blood pressure when heart contracts named as systolic pressure. The other measures the blood pressure when heart relaxes between beats named as diastolic pressure. There are certain accepted levels for normal pressure depending on gender, age, life style.

On the other hand each individual should be assessed as if he has normal readings or upper one. For example a sport person should never be compared with a sedentary one in assessing healthy status by same threshold readings.

What is a dangerously high blood pressure?Symptoms of severe high blood pressure can include:

  • headaches
  • shortness of breath
  • nosebleeds
  • chest pain
  • visual problems
  • dizziness

Many of these symptoms don’t show until your blood pressure is dangerously high. It’s vital to regularly check your blood pressure to ensure your numbers stay within a healthy range.

Read in addition more about Secondary hypertension – Symptoms and causes – Mayo Clinic.

What causes extremely high blood pressure?

Blood pressure is given by the tension applied to vessel wall by circulating blood. As long as vessels and arteries are elastic they can undertake blood pressure variation due to effort, biological parameters modifications, etc.
This state is characterized by a young age, sport, correct nutritional program or all of them.


By making sport, or running, the heart of even elder persons is stimulated to produce a hormone that keeps blood vessels and arteries elastic.
That is why one should get physical move on daily basis no matter the age while keep a balance diet based on saturated fats.


High Blood Pressure treatmentOnce the blood vessels become rigid, small or thin cracks appear in blood vessel wall as micro-lesions. What happens is that our biological mechanism cover this small cracks with lipids layer. The trouble is that once the process begin will not be stopped. Lipids progressively pile up forming deposits narrowing the blood vessel circulation.


This is the way of blood vessels cluttering that lead to high blood pressure, bad blood circulation, various cardiovascular disease .
Even less know that diet by it self does not directly influence the fat or lipid quantity from blood. Is that the liver condition that produce more cholesterol than normal and this is happen when is liver is stressed.


Liver stress could arise from non tolerable foods, nervous stress, alcohol, etc.


By in large extremely high blood pressure is given by all the above mention factors. Also an anatomic malformation of heart or coronary can lead in time to high blood pressure. A healthy and robust person at a given time should consider sport combined with healthy diet for a long and quality life. A proper hormone activity together with constant flushing of blood lipids from blood deposits assure ones health.


In addition we offer you the best option to prevent and cure a large variations of heat diseases with our portable non invasive cold laser therapeutic wristwatch.

How is diabetes treated, and is there a cure?

Millions of people around the world are living with diabetes or know someone who has. Medical system does not yet recognize a diabetes cure no matter of its type 1 or 2. Although a cure for diabetes to complete reverse the disease is not promoted, there are many treatments to control diabetes. In this manner diabetes patients can live a long and quality life.

On the other hand diabetes can trigger complications like diabetic foot or diabetic neuropathy as pain or movement deficiency. Of course there are many other complications developed in time due to diabetes bad management.

Is there any cure for diabetes?

cold laser therapy near me
Genie’S Mart portable cold laser therapy effects

In diabetes case self care is affected by the persons age, gender, financial situation, professional and family responsibilities. That is why so many people develop diabetic complications in time.

As you will see bellow a number of therapies were developed to maintain biological functions balanced as much as possible.

As medical system recognize diabetes cure as only manageable leading to complications in time, we found for you a diabetic cure solution.

It prevents, manage and cure in time diabetes by balancing blood level glucose and pancreatic function.

Classic medical approach type 1 diabetes

Lately this type of diabetes was associated with all ages not only with juvenile diabetes as it was considered before. In type 1 diabetes insulin is not produced by patient body. Insulin as a hormone is needed to get glucose into cell. Glucose is obtained by breaking down the carbohydrates from food into blood glucose that is used as energy. So if one does not produce insulin body cannot feed its cells with energy.

Type 1 medications

Insulin therapy and other ones help children, youths, and all ages patients to manage this type of diabetes. As a fact this disease is presented by medical system as manageable but not curable.

Our purpose is to offer you a new diabetes cure that not let this happen.

Classic medical approach type 2 diabetes

In this type 2 diabetes body does not use insulin properly. This means that pancreas makes high level of insulin to compensate a high level glucose in body. In time pancreas cannot keep up with this insulin level production. It is called hyperglycemia that causes blood sugar to raise at higher levels.

In fact pancreas get tired in time due to a bad diet. Pancreas is responsible to make pancreatic enzymes and insulin. A bad diet represents a meal that included proteins and glucose same time. For example we serve to our kids first meal with meat and second with sweets.

In this common case of the many happens 2 things:

  • pancreas works to fulfill both functions same time producing enzymes and insulin. As kids aged their pancreas becomes tired couldn’t fulfill properly one or both functions. As a result cancer may occur (lack of systemic enzymes) or diabetes type 2 occur (lack of insulin)
  • in case of meal, carbohydrates and sweeteners  in a single meal, body does the easiest thing to obtain primary energy source that is sugar. Break down sweeteners to obtain glucose but not meat and carbohydrates that need a higher energy consumption. Thus one is producing high level of energy without feeding its body with nutrients. In time one develop overweight and diabetes.

Type 2 medications

There are many type 2 medications and each drug class works in the body in a different way:

  • Alpha Glucosidase Inhibitors (acarbose, miglitol)
  • Bile Acid Sequestrants (cholestyramine, colesevelam, colestipol)
  • DPP-4 Inhibitors (alogliptin, linagliptin, saxagliptin, sitagliptin)
  • GLP-1 Receptor Agonists (albiglutide, dulaglutide, exenatide, exenatide extended release, liraglutide)
  • Meglitinides (nateglinide, repaglinide)
  • Metformin
  • SGLT-2 Inhibitors (canagliflozin, dapagliflozin, empagliflozin)
  • Sulfonylureas (chlorpropamide, glimepiride, glipizide, glyburide, tolazamide, tolbutamide)
  • Thiazolidinediones (pioglitazone, rosiglitazone)

Take a look of 14 Famous People with Diabetes: Nick Jonas, Hallie Berrie & More.

Can diabetes go away once you have it?

Type 1 and type 2 diabetes cannot be cured with classic medical approach but makes this disease manageable. Each person respond in a particular way, and nobody can foreseen the future of a diabetic patient in fact.  This means that in time complications of diabetes might arise for sure.

Our purpose is to offer an easy portable solution to prevent and cure diabetes. It uses cold laser of 650 nm of the wristwatch size. Laser energy is absorbed by blood enhancing directly blood sugar level. In time pancreas function will be greatly improved and balanced.

Read more about portable diabetes cure healthcare device on its own page.

diabetes cure
cure for cancer
cure for cancer

Clinical aspects of cure for cancer and diabetes cure, in oncology

Since the middle of the 1960s the biological and medical effects of low-intensity electromagnetic radiation (EMR) of the millimeter (MM) spectrum of waveband were studied in various countries including the United States, Canada, France, Germany, and the former Soviet Union. As a result of these studies, a new therapeutic method for cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and diabetes cure treatments emerge. Translated from Russian as ‘‘extremely high-frequency (EHF) therapy’’ was designed and approved for clinical application in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Both authors were involved in this study while in the former Soviet Union.

Cancer can be cured with Millimeter waves come between infrared radiation and centimeter radio waves and include frequencies from 30GHz to 300GHz (1GHz¼109 oscillations per second) corresponding to wavelengths from 10 to 1mm. The power density of this millimeter wave therapeutic instrument and cure for diabetes used in medicine varies from 1 to 10mW/cm2 or even less, and it does not induce heating effects of an irradiated skin surface.

EHF therapy in experimental oncology and diabetes treatment

Studies of biological effects caused by electromagnetic radiation have shown that exposure of living organisms to centimeter-wavelength radiation before exposing them to a lethal dose of ionizing radiation (LD50) reduced their mortality by 50% or more.

Similar effects were observed when a low-intensity millimeter-wavelength radiation was initially applied. On the basis of further experiments, it was confirmed that low-intensity MM EMR did not accelerate the tumor growth and provided a hemoprotective effect stimulating immune cells when applied in combination with chemotherapy or X-ray therapy.

Is there a cure for diabetes that works?

Should you look only for how to cure diabetes naturally? Of course you don’t have to limit yourself to that. Once this disease is triggered you can hardly cure diabetes naturally that it is so important to reverse diabetes based on technological advance too. EHF Therapy in Clinical Oncology and diabetes treatment research, had shown that EHF therapy did not stimulate the growth of either the primary or metastatic tumor, and on the contrary, stimulates immune cells suppressing cancer proliferate activity. That is why is indicated in breast cancer, prostate cancer. EHF therapy as cancer cure in oncology and cure for diabetes, was used as a mono therapy for treatment of benign tumors or as a palliative therapy for pain relief and reducing intoxication syndrome.

Cure for cancer 2018 in a glance

In all other cases, cure for cancer 2018 and diabetes treatment, EHF therapy, can be applied in combination with surgery, chemotherapy, or X-ray therapy. EHF therapy was used in treatment of gastric polyps and uterine myoma, benign skin tumors and testicular tumors, local fibroadenomatosis and fibroadenoma of mammary gland, malignant skin melanoma, cancer of the stomach or mammary gland, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, carcinoma of the cervix and uterine cancer, cancers of esophagus, lung, bowel, and others. Read more … at cancer cure and diabetes treatment, special page to find out  how permanent cure for diabetes found works.

Where can you get more detailed information about cancer?

cure for cancerCancer cells are very difficult to be detected in the early stage of the disease. Imagine that you need an instrument to see each cell and asses weather is cancerous or not. It would be called cell-meter in the science fiction movie but in reality does not exists, yet. Cancer cells develop in the body often and the immunity system identify immediately and destroy them.

When our immunity system threshold is set up to high body has no defend reaction. Thus cancer cells are multiplying into metastases or tumors. Is easier to identify large formations of cancer cells but this happens only when disease is advanced. In this later stage of cancer is difficult to treat cancer cells as they are spreading uncontrolled through the body.

No matter how advanced are diagnose medical apparatuses is very difficult to detect cancer in its early stages. On the other hand no matter how developed are radiation therapy and chemotherapy is again difficult to stop cancer cells activity.

In addition there are dormant cancer cells that can show signs of activity years after rounds of radiation or chemotherapy. They trigger metastasis or tumors again making the disease very hard to be stopped.

That is why we present you frequency generator for healing a new cancer treatment and diabetes. In this manner cancer treatment will greatly improve in its efficacy.

You can find more sources about cancer and cancer cells  activity here:

How difficult is it to have a malignant cancer?

malignant cancer patientWhen someone is feeling bad plan a visit to doctors. Then could find out about having cancer. This means that already that person is feeling not good, adding the stress of the diagnostic. All body functions are messed up resulting a homeostatic dysregulation and overall toxicity.
That toxicity is first thing first to be solved as it kills literally the patient before its functions ceased due to cancer.
Malignant cancer patient is subjected to weight loss in the latest cancer stages. This is mainly due to transformation cycle from lactic acid in glucose from muscle and liver back and forth. This transformation is made with very high energetic costs eating the muscles. Thus malignant cancer patient lose all the muscular mass becoming very weaken.
As a consequence cancer patient is craving about proteins to cover is high energetic consumption. Patient will tend to eat exactly what feed its body toxicity like meat, sweets in one meal several times a day.
The stress of knowing what will someone gone through will overwhelm ones mind. In the later stages of the disease, when is becoming terminal, patient will know that there will be no chance for him. Then he must settle with him psychologically all the spiritual aspects. Is the hardest period as one will cry, pray, agitate, feeling fear towards unknown i. e death.
All this aspects taken together make malignant cancer patient very tough needing constant support from the others.

Going to stop a cancer cure coming out?

vegetable diet for cancer cureFinding a solution to stop cancer or at least to greatly improve life expectancy finally happened. On Blood Cancers – The American Society of Hematology page you’ll find concise information about different types of blood cancers. Of course is just one of the many sources of information that shows to the reader just a very important thing. Cancer must addressed in fact as “cancers” as is very personalized disease.

There are various forms of cancer that behave differently from one patient to another. Therefore is very difficult to make a general treatment to suit large patients category needs.

There are cancers i.e. abnormal cells proliferation due to:

  • abnormal cell voltage between nucleus and its membrane
  • ionizing energetic environments due to technological pollution
  • metabolic defects
  • viruses that change DNA structure
  • prolonged stress or stress shocks
  • toxic substances as alcohol, tobacco, syntheses components present in foods, beverages, skin products
  • unknown factors that couldn’t be identified
All classic medical approaches are studied to be applied the same to a large numbers of patients divided in large categories of cancers patients. Our discoveries in the field show that cancer behave very different from one patient to another.  The question is: “what can differentiate the treatment to be particularly applied for greatest effect?”.
Answer is immune system modulation to target effectively the cancerous cells even before they develop in large tumors or metastasis.
Immune system modulation takes place through microwave exposure in the range of 30 – 300 GHz. In fact there are 3 proved frequencies to be efficient: 42.2 GHz, 53.6 GHz and 61.2 GHz for all types of cancer treatment.
In conclusion by stimulating each patients natural body defense, cure for cancer become a tailored treatment for everybody.
You can read more about new cancer treatment for stopping cancer on our dedicated page.

Can a strict vegetable diet cure cancer?

Scientists that works with statistics know that a small percent of cancer cures take place as accidental remissions with no connection to a treatment. Nobody knows how these remissions happens but this percent should be subtracted from the percentage healed following a certain cancer cure.

Same goes with strict vegetable cure in case of cancer healing.

Paradoxically a vegetable diet can harm in the first stance rather than help a cancer patient. As we show above malignant cancer patient has a very toxic body due to the waste produces by this disease. If it is not properly drained, toxicity could easily pilled up by following a healthy diet. As you adopt a vegetable cure practically you accelerate the metabolic rate. That leads to more waste production over the one that previously overloaded the patient body. A toxic shock can result leading adding a more deprecated health state. A solution should be body drainage through organic and fresh cold press plants only.

Another aspect is that of an advanced cancer stage translated in metastasis and detectable tumors. This stage is already one of an advanced cancer so only mild solutions like using only food are not indicated.

A good example in this case is one of the Dr. Johanna Budwig protocol recommended by Budwig Center. Is not enough to raise the healing percentage of this therapy above the statistically instant remissions. But proved to be efficient in conjunction with other therapies more invasive.

Our conclusion is that of a synergy between vegetable diet and another like microwave therapy that does not trigger secondary or adverse reactions in the body. Immune function modulation doubled by detoxing with natural cold press juices and green vegetable diet can considerably grow healing chances of a cancer patient.

Laser therapy for pain relieve

Laser therapy for pain relieve ( lllt ) delivers non-thermal photons of light to the body for about 3 to 8 minutes to injured cells. We refer to it as low level laser light therapy. The cells are then stimulated and respond with a higher rate of metabolism. This results in chronic pain relieving, better circulation, anti-inflammation and acceleration of the healing process. You don’t need anymore to go to laser pain center or clinics. Use our cold laser therapy device as home lasers for joint pain, pain therapy laser as well as laser therapy arthritis. There are no laser treatment side effects or laser treatment for back pain side effects.

Cold Laser Therapy or Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a treatment that utilizes specific wavelengths of light to interact with tissue and is thought to help accelerate the healing process. It can be used on patients who suffer from a variety of acute and chronic conditions in order to help eliminate pain, swelling, reduce spasms and increase functionality.

What should I expect from pain therapy laser?

Cold lasers are handheld devices for personal or professional use and are often the size of a flashlight. The laser is placed directly over the injured area for 30 seconds to several minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated and the dose provided by the cold laser unit.

During this time, the non-thermal photons of light that are emitted from the laser pass through the skins layers (the dermis, epidermis, and the subcutaneous tissue or tissue fat under the skin). This light has the ability to penetrate 2 to 5 centimeters below the skin.

Once the light energy passes through the layers of skin and reaches the target area, it is absorbed and interacts with the light sensitive elements in the cell. This process can be compared to photosynthesis in plants – sunlight is absorbed by plants, which is then converted to usable energy so that the plant can grow.

When cells absorb this light energy, it initiates a series of events in the cell that is theorized to eventually result in normalizing damaged or injured tissue, a reduction in pain, inflammation, edema and an overall reduction in healing time by increasing intracellular metabolism.

Laser Treatments ( lllt ) popularity

Laser Treatments ( lllt ) are becoming increasingly popular for patients seeking alternative pain management techniques. Laser Therapy can:

  • Reduced therapy time – quicken the reproduction of cells and their growth.
  • Safely treat pain – influences and increases the metabolic activity of the cells.
  • Effective for pain relief – reduces swelling from bruising or inflammation.
  • Helps to increase circulation to damaged cell sites.
  • Minimizes scar formation from surgery, cuts, burns, etc.

High dose Cold laser therapy ( lllt ) gets its name because it doesn’t cut through your skin, which makes it different from lasers used for surgical or cosmetic procedures. If you can’t live your life to the fullest due to chronic pain, you owe it to yourself to schedule an appointment with a Pain Free Life Centers of Michigan near you. Many of our patients report a better quality of life after starting cold laser therapy. The benefits of laser therapy are numerous and patients suffering from all conditions can see results.

How do I know if laser therapy is right for me?

Low-level laser therapy ( lllt ) can be used to treat the following:
  • Arthritic pain
  • Back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Neuropathy
  • Herniated discs
  • Scar tissue
  • see bellow

No Side Effects for low-level laser therapy ( lllt )

We use a therapeutic laser (also called a cold laser) to reach the source of your pain deep beneath the skin. The light wavelengths from the laser penetrate deep tissue to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow. Not only does laser treatment promote healing, but it does so without side effects and pain.

While there’s no recovery period after laser light therapy ( lllt ), the same can’t be said of surgical invention. Surgery for chronic pain is often used as a last resort when other methods have failed. Most of our patients experience relief from chronic pain after several rounds of high dose cold laser therapy. Depending on your condition and severity of pain it may take you several appointments before you notice a reduction in chronic pain and increase in range of motion.

If you wish to find pain relief without resorting to surgery or medication, we recommend using our ( lllt ) low-level laser therapy.


If you have chronic pain, the last thing you want is to start invasive treatment. pain therapy laser is no-risk and non-invasive. During the treatment, the laser will be placed over the area you experience pain. While the laser hovers over your treatment area, you will experience no pain only a soothing warmth. Let it be your first choice, not your last resort after invasive surgery.

No Medications Necessary

Many patients turn to laser therapy because they are concerned about the opioid epidemic. Opioids are a class of drugs that include prescription medications used to relieve pain. However, they can also be addictive. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, opioids played a role in 66% of drug overdose deaths in the United States. High dose ( lllt ) cold pain therapy laser helps you manage and relieve pain so you can avoid dangerous opioids that are potentially addictive.

How do you know if laser therapy is right for me?:

If you suffer from pain due to arthritis, injuries, age, etc you can opt for one of the bellow treatment with our hand help portable device:

  • laser for back pain relief
  • cold laser therapy for knees
  • laser back pain relief
  • laser for knee arthritis
  • laser treatment for joint pain
  • laser treatment for pain and inflammation

Results vary from patient to patient and most are enjoying life again within a few weeks. The result of low intensity pain therapy laser irradiation is the restoration of normal function of the cell unit.

So does cold laser therapy work? Yes, it works as it is proved in device product page and in medical reports presented on this page. This cold laser device is the perfect laser treatment for pain.

Laser therapy for pain advantages for pain relieve unit:

  • Proven results for chronic pain relief, diminishing inflammation, soft tissue and skin injury therapy
  • Natural healing, non-invasive treatment, no side effect, no cross infection.
  • Increases the efficiency of traditional physiotherapy and conventional treatments
  • Light, portable and rechargeable for continuous 4 hours operation
  • Creative systemic treatment on large surface joints and acupoints
  • Suitable for both professional and personal use.
  • Easy to operate and user friendly
  • Perfect combination of 808 nm & 650 nm
  • Available output power from 808 nm & 650 nm
  • Available output power from 170 mW to 270 mW
  • Rechargeable lithium battery with 2500 mA capacity.
  • Read more … at laser therapy for pain special page.
Laser therapy for pain
Laser therapy for pain
laser therapy for pain

Does laser therapy really work?

There are enough scientific studies that confirms cold laser therapy efficiency. We mention on this page only 2 from so many sources that refers to:

The underlying mechanism of laser is well known as its energy is absorbed by blood components to better carrying oxygen, pilling off fat layers of the cells, improving blood circulation, increasing cells metabolic rate.

Read more about laser therapy for pain.

How much does laser therapy cost?

The cost of laser therapy to a clinic of repeated sessions are more substantial that investing in a portable healthcare unit.
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