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Genie’S Mart health solutions for chronic diseases


Laser therapy for pain, high blood pressure treatment, diabetes cure, cure for cancer machine are just some of Genie’S Mart solutions that bring hope when is mostly needed. Western medical system has some inertia in testing and adopting dare solutions for chronic diseases. A dare approach on these health issues is wanted by so many patients. We do exactly this kind of approach, offering you the latest technological advance incorporated in small, portable devices. These therapeutic instruments can be used anywhere not just in the clinics. Far from being experimental laser therapy for pain, high blood pressure treatment and diabetes cure laser wristwatch, are 2 wearable laser devices types developed with success by eastern medical system.

These laser hand hand devices are constructed around eastern ancient medical principles of acupuncture. Being put together with the latest technical innovations, resulted 2 advanced technical healthcare devices. Laser therapy for pain, high blood pressure treatment and diabetes cure laser wristwatch are fully described on each products page and bellow.

Genie’s Mart frequency generator for healing cancer machine is a highly advanced solution for cure for cancer. It is Millimeter wave electromagnetic wave device. It is equal to frequency range 300GHZ-30GHZ,  low power, short wavelength, high frequency electromagnetic wave and located in interchange of the light wave. It is also called extremely high frequency electromagnetic wave machine.

Our advances solutions for chronic diseases treatment like cure for cancer machine are supported by scientific literature, clinical researches, laboratory results as we presented bellow. Other results will follow soon. There is a debate of using solutions not endorsed by western medical system, but Genie’S Mart therapeutic instruments can be used in conjunction with them.

Now use your common good sense and think if it’s better to try something else when no healing chance is given.


That is why we offer a chance for maximizing healing chances or at least improving symptomatically for a high quality longer life expectancy.

With laser therapy for pain, high blood pressure treatment, diabetes cure, cure for cancer machine you can spare precious time from healthcare centers and associated stress. Use them in the comfort of your house while you treat yourself with the non-invasive advanced treatment.

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Scientific Laboratory Studies, Clinical Trials and Medical Reports to Support Portable Healthcare Devices Efficiency

  • New radiation therapy on the radar | Israeli researchers discover that millimeter radiation alters cancer cells so they cannot reproduce, without destroying the cells themselves.

Cardiovascular disease & diabetes cure


The lipids, cholesterol and other substances in the blood are increased and attached to the erythrocyte surface, to make the erythrocyte aggregation, accelerated sedimentation rate under gravity, then it causes high blood viscosity. Cardiovascular disease and diabetes cure is very efficient now with our laser wristwatch. Just wear it even you are active and that’s the treatment.

Due to the high blood viscosity, causing accumulation of a large number of erythrocyte, oxygen reduction, while blood flow velocity decreased, it results in certain organs in the body with ischemic and anoxic state. The hHyper-viscosity often is the direct inducement cause of atherosclerosis, it also can lead to cerebral infarction, myocardial obstruction, diabetes and a series of serious diseases.

The semiconductor laser therapeutic apparatus for cardiovascular disease and diabetes cure adopts low-intensity laser irradiation of blood. It can remove the poor permeability of red blood cells adsorbed polysaccharide protein in fat and many other molecules. Polysaccharide lipoproteins with poor permeability and many other medium molecular substances adsorbed around the erythrocytes. Thus the flexibility and permeability of the membrane is increased and restore the membrane surface normal potential (restore the normal potential of membrane surface), to avoid the aggregation of red blood cells, thereby improving blood viscosity. Read more … about cardiovascular disease and diabetes cure

Clinical aspects of alternative cancer treatments in oncology.


Since the middle of the 1960s the biological and medical effects of low-intensity electromagnetic radiation (EMR) of the millimeter (MM) spectrum of waveband were studied in various countries including the United States, Canada, France, Germany, and the former Soviet Union. As a result of these studies, a new therapeutic method as alternative cancer treatments emerge. Translated from Russian as ‘‘extremely high-frequency (EHF) therapy’’ was designed and approved for clinical application in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Both authors were involved in this study while in the former Soviet Union.

Millimeter waves come between infrared radiation and centimeter radio waves and include frequencies from 30GHz to 300GHz (1GHz¼109 oscillations per second) corresponding to wavelengths from 10 to 1mm. The power density of this therapy as alternative cancer treatments used in medicine varies from 1 to 10mW/cm2 or even less, and it does not induce heating effects of an irradiated skin surface.

Application of EHF Therapy as Alternative Cancer treatment in Experimental Oncology


Studies of biological effects caused by electromagnetic radiation have shown that exposure of living organisms to centimeter-wavelength radiation before exposing them to a  lethal dose of ionizing radiation (LD50) reduced their mortality by 50% or more.

Similar effects were observed when a low-intensity millimeter-wavelength radiation was initially applied. On the basis of further experiments, it was confirmed that low-intensity MM EMR did not accelerate the tumor growth and provided a hemoprotective effect when applied in combination with chemotherapy or X-ray therapy.

EHF Therapy in Clinical Oncology Clinical research had shown that EHF therapy did not stimulate the growth of either the primary or metastatic tumor, and on the contrary, it could suppress its proliferate
activity. EHF therapy as alternative cancer treatments in oncology was used as a mono therapy for treatment of benign tumors or as a palliative therapy for pain relief and reducing intoxication syndrome.

In all other cases, EHF therapy can be applied in combination with surgery, chemotherapy, or X-ray therapy. EHF therapy was used in treatment of gastric polyps and uterine myoma, benign skin tumors and testicular tumors, local fibroadenomatosis and fibroadenoma of mammary gland, malignant skin melanoma, cancer of the stomach or mammary gland, ovarian cancer, carcinoma of the cervix and uterine cancer, cancers of esophagus, lung, bowel, and others. Read more

Laser therapy for chronic pain relieve


Laser therapy for chronic pain relieve delivers non-thermal photons of light to the body for about 3 to 8 minutes to injured cells. The cells are then stimulated and respond with a higher rate of metabolism. This results in chronic pain relieving, better circulation, anti-inflammation and acceleration of the healing process.

Results vary from patient to patient and most are enjoying life again within a few weeks. The result of low intensity laser irradiation is the restoration of normal function of the cell unit.

Therapy advantages of chronic pain relieve unit:

  • Proven results for chronic pain relief, diminishing inflammation, soft tissue and skin injury therapy
  • Natural healing, non-invasive treatment, no side effect, no cross infection.
  • Increases the efficiency of traditional physiotherapy and conventional treatments
  • Light, portable and rechargeable for continuous 4 hours operation
  • Creative systemic treatment on large surface joints and acupoints
  • Suitable for both professional and personal use.
  • Easy to operate and user friendly
  • Perfect combination of 808 nm & 650 nm
  • Available output power from 808 nm & 650 nm
  • Available output power from 170 mW to 270 mW
  • Rechargeable lithium battery with 2500 mA capacity.
  • Read more
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