How can I help you starting your life over no matter what

If you ask yourself how can I help you to achieve your goals, dreams, desires you just read about me on this site. 

Here it is my own life and professional experience altogether that can serve you as a landmark in your quest.

Irrespective of your area of interest my approach is that of helping you finding yourself your own solutions.

You know better your life, what you have lived, what you need, and sometimes even what you need to do. Just sometimes you are blocked, cannot move forward, being stuck.

One way of how can I help you is to work with you to realize exactly what you lack, what is holding you back.

I would like to make you discover yourself the insight of what is missing in your life at a certain moment. I can give you the best of my solutions but would not count a dime compared with the one found by yourself.

This is the manner of how can I help you to find insight after insight and that element triggers the change in you.

Your insight is the foundation of starting the shift, the transitional process you need to become.

Contact me for a free chat using the bellow button. I can work with you freely for some sessions and see what you feel about that.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result – how would feel like for you right now to have all the life positively changed?

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Starting your life over no matter what

My Professional Experience Resume

Economist and Engineering Profession

I was involved in corporate telecommunication for more than 10 years. Being part of a management team of developing telecommunication networks at the country level. Coordinating teams of contractors in design, permits, civil engineering, radio and transmission areas of activity. Also, I dealt with the budgeting and reporting activity to the same extent. Another area of activity was connected with foreign trade activity for more than 15 years. Revamping chemical and petrochemical installations, export and import various chemical and petrochemical goods, as well as erecting chemical plants in the Middle East. In order for this to happen participation in tenders was a must, so I was involved in preparing the necessary very laborious documentation for auctions.

Instructor in Alternative Therapies

At a certain time driven by a health need, mine, and my beloved ones, I was trained by my Japanese Master and acknowledged in their system in alternative therapies. Becoming a therapist for some years treating patients with different diseases one of the terminal diseases. The next level was to become a certified instructor in these therapies to prepare therapists at my own turn. This means that I worked with people from different professions and cultures to trigger changes in them. The hardest part was to determine a shift in their own beliefs, their own system of values the source of many bad habits. That is why I left the therapy itself for training courses. The difference was that people accepted more easily changing and obviously were prepared for it. The results last and lead to interesting healings against medical diagnostics.

Martial Art Instructor

Meantime for more than 13 years, I was trained in martial arts, karate, by my other Japanese Sensei. I graduated as a black belt with my exams held abroad in international commissions. Participating year after year in national and international contests, fighting mostly, meaning Kumite. Some years ago I started teaching karate for kids and adults also. The manner of training is somehow different as I shifted to personal development rather than classic karate training. What I do is create small missions for each of the participants in order them bringing only 1% more courage, desire, resilience, and so on. In a year with a number of 90 karate training, they double their abilities easily. This is just an example of how things are working without being too tough or hard on them. The target of a martial art student is the same though, only the way of reaching it is different.

Transitional Coaching Program

My Business Background

My business background starts somewhere in 2010. That year has caught me attending some personal development courses. Everything start from there. Of course, nothing went as learned in my business background that was full of bumps, trials, and errors till I get it somehow.

See there is not a recipe for that kind of success and one can only be inspired by other lessons and theories. The truth is that you can find your own solution to your specific reality.

I learned 2 important things that help me greatly in my business background. 


How to grow your business with new people daily

One was to increase my horizon with new people daily. To be enriched with their vision and vice versa. Is most of the use for you to find out directly from the people what do they need. Is it no avail for you to imagine yourself what they need and lose precious resources in terms of money and time to craft something nobody actually needs? Bring constantly new people into your business life will connect you to other clients increasing your knowledge with their own experience.

Changing your mindset as condition for success in business

The second most important thing, as a revelation almost, was that I needed to change my mindset. No matter how many working instruments I could get, if I was stubbornly using them same manner as before I will obtain the same or no result. Of course, many things can be revealed about succeeding in business, but while the ingredients are almost the same of all, the proportion of each of them is specific to an individual only. The way of how can I help you or working with you is to put you in the position to find out yourself the proportion of each of your specific ingredients in order for you to succeed.

Do I need a transitional coaching program to start my own business?

A Coach Near Me For Always Helping You

I am coaching, this is what I am doing as basics. If you looking for a coach near me I can work with you no matter where you are located. 

The manner of my online coaching is to have a nice and relaxed talk with you. Actually, I will give you no advice, wonder solutions, schedules to keep them tight, no encouragements, nothing like that.

A coach near me is now available for you. I consider that you know better your life and professional experience, what you need to attain, and even how. But sometimes you got stuck for some reason.

Once you by yourself realize that the reasons that hold you back mean that you have an insight. From that insight, and one after another your transition to what you need to be and do starts. There will be your own solutions that are by far more powerful than mine for you.

This is a process and you will deliver the results. It’s easy, not complicated but you need to commit to yourself for this result to occur.

Remember that I coach in a different way. You can book a free call with me here on site and then also freely to have some sessions to see how things are going.

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